Alastair Macdonald remembers…

I was always called Angus at Xavs by both pupils and teachers, which was nice  for a young Scot new to England. Everybody knew my name! Having read all the other contributions it was interesting to see the similarity of opinion about the teachers. I liked most of them but some of their methods were … Read more

Mike Ramsay remembers…

Thanks to Mike Ramsay for sharing his memories from over 60 years ago Remembering Xaverian College Manchester Miss Eaton at Ward Hall My grammar school life began in 1958 at Ward Hall, after having spent my early years at the Prep School. Miss Eaton, who had taught us music at the Prep, taught us Maths at Ward Hall. I remember her sending me to be caned for … Read more

Right or Wrong?

I had attended a catholic primary school before escaping to the relative tranquillity of St Anne’s Prep. The catechism lessons had begun at an early age and have been implanted in my long term memory (‘Who made you? God made me’ etc). I always had a problem with the idea of theft – what if … Read more

Bernard Lackey

Mr Lackey taught me geography at Xaverian and it was no small feat to actually get me a GCE ‘o’ level as a result. He was an intelligent mentor and had the key to success in exams. His particular method was to produce mnemonics for all the facts that we would need to regurgitate to be successful in … Read more

Jim Phelan remembers Mr Crotty

Having been a teacher myself, I’m not over keen on criticising others in my profession, but as the victim of the inadequacies apparent in the staff at Xavs in the 60s, I feel in a position to objectively pass comment. The recruitment policy, if there was one, was to play ultra safe… no women, no … Read more

Xaverian Expulsions

I knew a couple of students who were expelled from Xaverian and at least one from the prep school. The boy who quietly disappeared from St Anne’s had a name similar to Morensky  and was the son of the chemist who had a shop on Wilmslow Road. This boy had a head which was definitely … Read more