Paul Hughes Remembers

My name is Paul Hughes and I started at Xaverian in 1972 and went right through until it became a 6th form college. I also went to St Anne’s prep school prior to my time at Xaverian. The head at the prep was Mr Delahunty and I also remember Brother Mario being there along with … Read more

James Kedian Remembers

A few personal remarks from James provide some interesting thoughts: Curtis. Another “head case, taught you nothing but loved to give you a serious punch if you were not in a perfect line outside class.    Geography teacher: No name. Set you a lesson and then disappeared to the Clarence pub.    History teacher: No … Read more

Anthony Coombs recalls…

From Anthony Coombs I attended Xaverian Prep 1962-1965, and Xaverian College 1965-71. Before that I’d been at the Hollies Prep in Fallowfield. The Nuns booted little boys out of The Hollies at the age of 8 in case they made advances on the little girls. They could safely have waited another 8 years – or … Read more

Paul Jackson (1957 – 1964) Recalls

SO LONG AND SO FAR AWAY OR, ‘THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE THUGLY’ THE JOURNAL OF FUN LOVING BOY  I attended Xaverian from September 1957 until June 1964. This document presents my perceptions of the school at that time, based on my experiences there. The perceptions of some teachers are different to those of … Read more

Anthony Burgess aka Anthony Wilson

Thanks to Henry Mantel for supplying this interesting snippet regarding one of Xaverian College’s more famous alumni, Anthony Wilson, better known as the novelist Anthony Burgess remembered mainly for his influential novel A Clockwork Orange. There is a film clip of Anthony Burgess on YouTube returning to Xaverian College. Writing under the pen name Anthony … Read more

Henry Mantel recalls…

Thanks to Henry Mantell for some very interesting insights into Xavs and in particular Brother Cyril Birtles. As I have indicated before, there were two sides to his character and this article relates an example of his compassionate nature. Henry attended Xavs from 1964 until 1970. Some very interesting insights into teachers and college life … Read more

Alastair Macdonald remembers…

I was always called Angus at Xavs by both pupils and teachers, which was nice  for a young Scot new to England. Everybody knew my name! Having read all the other contributions it was interesting to see the similarity of opinion about the teachers. I liked most of them but some of their methods were … Read more

Mike Ramsay remembers…

Thanks to Mike Ramsay for sharing his memories from over 60 years ago Remembering Xaverian College Manchester Miss Eaton at Ward Hall My grammar school life began in 1958 at Ward Hall, after having spent my early years at the Prep School. Miss Eaton, who had taught us music at the Prep, taught us Maths at Ward Hall. I remember her sending me to be caned for … Read more