Mr Newton P.E. Teacher

Mr Newton took us for Physical Education. I suppose he was in his mid forties although I have often been surprised that teachers were inevitably much younger than the age we would imagine. My mental image of him always includes a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth and a dark blue track suit. I remember his favourite form of punishment was making pupils hang from the wall bars and hitting them on the backside with the end of the gym ropes which were bound with leather. We had one classmate who was from London and of course his accent drew much abuse – his name was Matthews. Actually, he was extremely annoying and the only boy I remember every having a fight with (twice). Mr Newton was doling out the Rusholme Rope Trick to Matthews which gave him so much pain that he started crying. He turned round, shouted that the teacher had no right to be hitting him and left the gym. Not long after, I am fairly sure he was expelled. Didn’t fit in, you understand.

Mr Newton was also responsible for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at the college. I remember that I managed to achieve the bronze award. I always thought I wouldn’t receive the medal as I hadn’t filled in all entries in my log book and had only camped in my back garden (and then only for a couple of hours) but Mr Newton must have stepped into the breach and filled in the missing entries himself. I remember the medal came to an unfortunate end when I dropped into a beaker of acid in a chemistry lesson – it partially dissolved proving to me at least, that it had a copper content.

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  1. Mr Newton also played the sousaphone in the school orchestra – I think he was the only one with enough puff and muscle to lift and play it.

    • Well remembered John. I can see him now with that big brass thing wrapped round him. I had completely forgotten about that. I do remember big John Doyle who took over the timpani – when he started banging away on the kettle drums it was the perfect match.

  2. Harry Newton was the only non Catholic teacher in the school. I think he married a Catholic. His son Andrew is a well known show business style hypnotist. Harry used to let me tidy his office at the end of term during lunch hour. He was a real wheeler dealer renting plastic footballs for use at break and lunch times. For clearing his office I regularly got the tail end of a house points book, often with a dozen or so left in, all pre signed. Boosted my average quite nicely. He went to Canada and stayed for a couple of years on an exchange.

    Another teacher who went off for a while was Kev McEvoy who taught French. He went to Kiev in 1961 to learn Russian to teach it so that it could be offered in school. Kiev at the height of the Berlin crisis must have been an interesting experience.

    • You must be joking!!! A all round thug, along with “Jock Burns” another headcase. Looking back with the benefit of age and time looking at people I get a feeling that they were affected by the Second World War. They were at a age were they could have served in the services.


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