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My Xavs Experience – Phil Drinkwater — 3 Comments

  1. Phil,I was delighted to read your memories of Xavs in the 1960s, and also to learn that your early years were spent at St. Robert’s. My Mum and her brother were brought up in that parish and lived in Brynton Road. Mum talked of Fr. O’Shaughnessy, but I suspect he was before your time!

    I was several years ahead of you at the College, but I remember you quite well. I think I was in the juniorate that weekend that you refer to. I also remember that you were a very good footballer – right full back I think(?).

    You have a good memory for the teachers but it may have been Clive Price that taught you History rather than Mr. Marsden who was a Chemistry man.

    Some day I must write my reminiscences about Xaverian.

      • Frank

        I do remember you and I was a right back!
        I remember Fr O’Shaughnessy very well. He was the one who used to say ‘As Catholics this is what we believe’!
        A decent man I think.
        We also had Fr Brennan and Fr Lupton our curate who I later played football with for St Roberts men’s team.

        I think it was a Mr Dan Mallon who taught us history So I’ll ask Bob to correct that.

        It was Mr Dan Mallon (spelling?) who taught us history. Can you correct my piece?


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