St Anne’s Prep – Photos

My thanks to Dale Littler for sending me the following class photos. These were taken on a yearly basis – not quite sure of the location. If you can identify yourself in either of these, please get in touch and send your recollections.

prepclassphoto1 prepclassphoto2


St Anne's School Report 1957
St Anne’s School Report 1957

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  1. I half recognise some of the lads in the top photograph which was taken in 1958 I think. It is taken in the school yard with Wilbraham Road behind the group. To the left, behind the railings, Dom Rea used to bring his ice cream van at lunch times (at least he did a few years earlier). I think that on the back row were Alcock (fourth from left), Chris Butler (6th), Martin O’Reilly (?) (7th). Is that Michael Dever (now Fr. Dever) second from the right on the second row from the back? Perhaps that is Pat Fay just behind Brother Cyril to his left. Miss Eaton is, of course, sitting to the right of Brother Cyril and Mr. Terry Quaile to his left.

  2. Yes definitely on Wilbraham road , I still have my school reports from ther . I attended 1970 -73 and favourite teacher was Eddie Hough


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